How to change iPhone Background

The iPhone is yes with some nice background images. However, you will surely sooner or later have its own background image. And it is usually on the computer. But such images come from the PC / Mac to the iPhone? Here’s a little How To:
Step 6-9 by the way, every image on the iPhone can be set as the background, eg also the photos you shot with the iPhone.


Chnge iPhone background

  1. Once iTunes is launched, the iPhone and then choose Select switch to the Photos tab. Sync photos from: Click.
  2. In the drop down menu must now select a folder will be selected and navigated to the folder containing the images.
  3. All photos or choose to synchronize selected folders or selected albums to find suitable images.
  4. Now the iPhone has to be synchronized and the images are copied to the iPhone.
  5. If the sync is finished, you go to the iPhone. Tap on the photo icon, now here is a new album to see, browse through the album to your image.
  6. Select the picture, so it is displayed in full screen mode.
  7. On the bottom left of the screen is an arrow icon to see which should be selected – no icons should be visible, tap once on the screen and the icons appear.
  8. Set as wallpaper
  9. Now the image can be changed in size and moved around, you’re happy with the result pressuring you again on the background and go!

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